Friday, March 12, 2010

Ceiling falls on kid in the Bronx

From the Daily News:

So far 2-year-old Dymond Salgado has called two city-run apartments home - and both were hazardous to her health.

The little Bronx girl got the scare of her short life Wednesday when a bedroom ceiling suddenly collapsed and showered her with debris and plaster teeming with water bugs and centipedes.

This happened just five days after Dymond's family were moved out of another apartment in the same Bronx building because the little girl contracted lead poisoning.


ceiling on my head lady said...

This is an epidemic--it happened to me and there are numerous instances of ENTIRE BUILDINGS falling down on people and property, and sometimes multiple instances of such in a limited geographical area and a short period of time.

This should not be tolerated! Heads must roll at HPD and DOB and manslaughter, reckless endangerment and murder charges must be pressed where appropriate.

Anonymous said...

slumlords do not do routine repairs and maintenance as a strategy to force out rent controlled and rent stabilized tenants. the faster the revolving door spins, the more they can raise the rent. many do so illegally, way beyond the scope of the DCHR. thanks to you crap meister, Pataki.

the slumlord doesn't give a crap about any little girl, old person, cute 'lil dog/cat or anyone affected by their negligence, that is until they are forced to pay fines and compensation to these tenants.

this is a crappy economy, the buildings are falling apart, ON PURPOSE. it is like pulling teeth to get what used to be routine repairs and maintenance . but... apartment buildings are going economic concern. you don't see them in foreclosure.

the illegal immigrants who cram themselves and extended family members into apartments don't bother to ask for repairs, jerry rigging the solutions themselves.

the falling ceiling could have been years of leaks & mold not dealt with or excessive tenants such as the illegal aliens.

poetic justice is when the ceiling falls in on the slumlord.