Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bloomblight at Queens Plaza

"Hello Queens Crapper -

I live on Hunter Street in LIC between 42nd and 43rd. Where Crescent Street crosses....there has been construction going on for several years now. It all started with the "Star Tower" 4 years ago.

I live in this area for 12 years - and although I don't miss some of the things that we used to see (hookers) - it was actually better than what is going on now. Attached are photos of construction debris by construction companies working on both ends of our block.

This past summer, there was a dead homeless man laying on the debris for a day and a half before anyone "noticed" or did anything....even after we called 911 several times.

How are we supposed to walk down our block, walk our dogs....when they block our sidewalks with construction debris, there are broken lightbulbs and glass all over?

Yet, if a resident leaves their garbage can out because sanitation was a no show....the sanitation dept. drops by to give you a ticket.......why aren't they ticketing or at least investigating the construction companies?

In addition, they've taken to dumping at an abandoned house just 2 doors away from me....

Unbelievable - Our neighborhood is supposed to be getting better not worse!"

- Ticked off in LIC!


Anonymous said...

I park my car there in the morning and I see what this reader is talking about. What makes me wonder is if she call 311 or anyone to complain?? The construction debri is disgraceful but what is really a sight for the eyes is the skinny black homeless guy who lives in the street there. I personally had to witness him taking a poop last friday. L.I.C. is and will always be a big piece of crap and if you go and move there, well ya get what ya paid for.... Maybe she should make calls or talk to the MTA managers that are there every sfternoon?

Anonymous said...

What does the MTA have to do with this?

Anonymous said...

I have seen this guy down there too doing the same, and I am not there often. The sad part then was he was pulling up his pants slowly after doing his buisness in a semi-open alcove secondary entrance to a new building there, when a real estate person with a clip board and a couple in tow when they turned the corner at the moment the homeless man was buttoning his pants! There had no idea what was behind him where they were headed for the doorway to the back of the gleaming new building on their tour.

The construction garbage appears everywhere down there it is dumped. Investigators from the sanitation Police should be looking to catch these folks at night doing this - there is no reason this is not cleaned up quickly - it a dangerious situation!

Babs said...

Does Asa Aarons still have that "Ask Asa" program where he investigates things that no one else seems interested in?

If calling 311 REPEATEDLY does not do the trick - then an expose is necessary to find out who did this initially!

This is outrageous!

Anonymous said...

What does the MTA have to do with this?
Pictures number 1-4 are of construction debri from the MTA site right there on the corner. They are working days and early eveing shifts. They are the ones who started that pile of garbage. Other people added to it. Sanitation needs to put some garbage cans on the corners so the workers can throw their trash out properly. The way it looks now, Garbage has been flying around and piles up on the properties. I pass the MTA workers on the way home everyday, I will mention this to them and maybe they will do something. As far as those other pics, those are developers property. They have their offices inside. The area was nicer place to park when it was just hookers to worry about.

Cherokeesista said...

Lets just face it our so called leaders know whats going on they just don't care:( As for 311 it's a BIG FAT JOKE!!!!

Babs said...

311 should have directed the caller to Sanitation or perhaps the Board of Health - the right department in other words. They also will give the caller a ticket no. and call back to see if the problem is being handled or has been solved.

Anonymous said...

obviously BAB'S, you have'nt used the 311 system. They are like a glorified answering service and your messages never get through. BAB'S maybe you can call and let us know what happens?

Babs said...

I've called them for Animal Rescue - and found them very helpful.

I'm surprised they did not at the very least answer the phone - maybe you dialed the wrong no.? :)

Call the Board of Health directly then. If you do not get a satisfactory response, post the no., and I'm certain you'll get many of us to call too.

This is better reported initally by the people in the nab.

311 is for INFO only.