Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another cop claims he was pressured to write tickets

From the Daily News:

A Bronx cop with an Ivy League degree is preparing to sue the city, claiming his failure to write tickets for 18 months led to a violent confrontation with his boss.

Officer Anthony Minoia says he was assigned to a one-block beat known in the 42nd Precinct as the "punishment post" after a bad evaluation.

The Columbia grad says the fact that he didn't write any tickets after that was not a protest against his boss, Deputy Inspector Timothy Bugge.

"I'm not going to pull out my summons book and write a summons because my boss is telling me he's going to make it difficult for me if I don't," said Minoia, 46, an Air Force vet. "I don't use my powers to make a deputy inspector get promoted."

Minoia is the latest cop to claim the pressure is on to write summonses, make arrests and do stop-and-frisks so commanders will look good at crime strategy meetings.

"I'm not going to give the bread deliveryman a ticket before going into the deli and telling him," he said. "I didn't forget what it was like to be a civilian before I got a badge."


Anonymous said...

It seems that the losers are all coming out on this ticket writing in that precinct. Sent the Commander to Queen's Elmhurst or Middle Village or Maspeth where we are need the police to combat crime, vehicle issues and quality of life issues. The 110 & 104 are stretch too thin to have a presence in our western triangle where the 3 towns meet. We have no beat Cops in Maspeth's Grand Ave and there are too many schools, no squad cars patrolling 57 Ave, 80 Th Street for speeding and truck violations and the vast residential areas of Middle Village whom are experiencing major upticks in burglarys.

Send the commanders here please!!!

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Where do I donate?

Babs said...

Who the heck has "beat cops" anymore?

Anonymous said...

The NYPD needs to be COMPLETELY revamped and started from scratch.

But of course that won't happen.

Anonymous said...

He issued no summonses in 18 months??
And he whines and wonders why he got a bad evaluation?

Anonymous said...

As far a revamping,it won't happen.Has everyone forgotten that doucheberg cut 6000 cops from the NYPD over the last 4 years!?!?!?!?That "do more with less "shit aint workin'...................

Anonymous said...

I think this guy and Ahmad Afzali should room together.

He went to Columbia University to become a cop? Does that sound right to you? He must be insufferable.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous post #1, where did you go to school? Please write in English.