Sunday, October 20, 2019

LIC clock tower gets dwarfed

29-37 41st Avenue

LIC Court Square

The last time we stopped by 29-37 41st Avenue a/k/a 29-23 Queens Plaza North, we saw that pipe scaffolding was up at the LIC Clock Tower and construction on the new residential building had risen above the construction fence. When we stopped by last week we saw that construction is moving along quickly, and that the LIC Clock Tower is now dwarfed by construction, as seen in the photo below.

Here’s more information about the project from The Real Deal:

Queens Plaza Park, located at 29-37 41st Avenue near the landmarked Long Island City Clock Tower, will be a 978,000-square-foot mixed-use tower. It will have 958 residential units, 300 of which will be affordable. Handel Architects is designing the project — its latest renderings reveal a concave, glassy exterior — and Selldorf Architects is designing its interior, lobby and amenities.


georgetheatheist said...

Let me ask you. What kind of "nut" wants to live in Long Island City now? You have to be crazy - absolutely crazy. Who would want to subject themselves to such crowding?

Anonymous said...

I will go further than georetheathesist comment:

What kind of nut would want to live in New York City.

Gino said...

Looking at the parabolic shape of this glass piece of shit Its going to burn some cars & people down on the street during certain weeks of the years.
These modern architect's with the computers & copycat CAD programs being supplied free by the same people making the building material are morons


Anonymous said...

"Who would want to subject themselves to such crowding"

Asians can live 5 people per room on streets packed like cans of sardines no problem. LIC looks like the 1984 movie "Blade Runner"

Anonymous said...

“ Asians can live 5 people per..“

What’s with the Asian prejudice? You do know it’s a luxury type tower right? Whites created the developments and I see whites people on the rooftop areas where they can lounge and BBQ from the train passing by one of the building.

georgetheatheist said...

"...people on the rooftop areas where they can lounge and BBQ..."

You can also buy - for more or less the same money - a full-fledged single-family HOUSE in Queens where you can also lounge and BBQ. And a zip-zap-zup easy to park in driveway. Maybe some shade trees to boot.

Indeed what kind of "nut" wants to live in LIC now?

Quod erat demonstrandum.

TommyR said...

A tall building goes up in an area now wholly characterized by tall buildings, the foreshadowing of which started with the completion of the Citibank Tower twenty-nine years ago. This is news?

Anonymous said...

Hey crappy, nice work! 2 whole postings in a week!!!WOWSERS!

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