Sunday, October 20, 2019

Homeless men get evicted from house they built by the Grand Central Parkway


A wooded area off the Grand Central Parkway was once known as the "Parkside Hill Community Garden." But's it's been a long time since residents planted anything there.

"Honestly, this has been a dumping ground for quite some time," Swarovski Beaumont said at the location.

Tires, shopping carts, and trash are common now. Sometime last year, neighbors said, two men planted themselves here, pitching tents behind the thicket:

"They're building a tiny home on city property," the resident said.

 "They definitely have a power saw and a power drill," she said. "They have already built flooring, and started to build insulation."

When we returned two days later, after asking the city parks department about the encampment, the city had stepped in.

Several city agencies, including the Department of Homeless Services and the Department of Sanitation, came together to clean up the site Friday morning.

The city's response included dozens of workers in protective clothing. An official, who declined to be identified, said one of the men was taken to a shelter, but that the other refused services an outreach team offered.

Advocates for the homeless say the encampment is a sign of just how bad the homeless crisis has become.

"This story is pretty incredible, that people are opting to build their own housing in a city where we are one of the richest places on earth," said Paulette Soltani, of VOCAL-NY.

The mayor's officer told NY1, "The Mayor has been clear — we will not tolerate encampments.  Our outreach teams have met with these individuals, offered them services, and are working to connect them with further resources."



Anonymous said...

Got to love that dudes name

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah, Blah, Diblassio always repeats the same mantra.

Anonymous said...

Wait until they build floating junks from pallets at FLushing Airport

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great, but can you publish a list of the names of the city council members who voted for and against the Riker's closing. It would be helpful

Anonymous said...

They make them small sheds in Pueba Mexico and California with drainage holes for septic. Weld two 55 gal drums together as a wood burning or waste oil heater like they had in the junkyards.
No doubt these guys were gonna bring in the women & kids when finished then deliberately get busted as a "family unit" to get free housing & EBT cards for all.
Very unsanitary and dangerous, then go handle food at your local restaurant with hepatitis, TB and shagas and every other 3 world disease.

Happy eating !!

Anonymous said...

Probably would be worth 250k to a millennium through century 21

Anonymous said...

Day Laborers... we don't need more homeless. please deport them and the rest of the bums known as day laborers. They don't get day work they hand around Woodside drunk and stoned.

Anonymous said...

Where is this place exactly?

Ned said...

"Day Laborers"
They are not day labors they are trespassing criminals who broke into this country.

Migrants or Immigrants? No the are not!
How can the press and the democrats even use these terms because these people never immigrated in the first place. These criminals jumped over a fence or overstated a visa, don't show up for court breaking dozen's of laws, often drunk in the streets, include drive out of state tagged cars with no licenses or insurance and that makes them CRIMINALS.

People need to get it right and stop using all the PC liberal bullshit.
Vote all the LaRaza sympathetic liberals like mayor de-Sandonista out of office, cancel your newspaper subscriptions and start fighting back before you lose your homes, healthcare, IRAs and social security.

The mayor & his democrats are using these homeless and Rikers inmates to destroy neighborhoods he don't like and have everybody live equal, in one equal slum.
Its called socialism imposed at government gunpoint
What don't the New Yorkers understand ?


Explain said...

Did I miss something in the article about these men being illegal Hispanic people? I did not see that anywhere. But somehow, that is what other people read.

TommyR said...

Removing the shed doesn't address the underlying problem. Step up enforcement cuz people are eyeing all sorts of "sheltered" spaces beneath the LIE etc.

Anonymous said...

@ Ned said... "What don't the New Yorkers understand ?"
Most NYC People are "educated fools" and have a mental problem called modern Liberalism !

Most New Yorkers have no idea what classical Liberalism is and it sounds so stange to them they beleive it's "Right Wing" !

Anonymous said...

UNTIL Manufacturing jobs come back to the USA (as opposed to China, India, etc due to GREEDY CORPORATIONS, not Unions as some of you have been brainwashed to believe), wages increase with the cost of living and stop stagnating while everything goes up), housing costs shoot up for NO REASON AT ALL, except speculations and bubbles, then more and more of this shit happens. This is the hollowing out of the middle class, which has been going on for decades, bottom line. None of this is happening for any other reason. IT IS THE HOLLOWING OUT OF THE MIDDLE CLASS due to GREEDY CORPORATONS and CORRUPT POLITICIANS to keep the majority of money in the hands of a few.

Any other bullshit you hear is just that, BULLSHIT. This is the real reason our country is in the shape it is in. Jobs going to other countries, housing prices rising for no solid reason, etc.

Anonymous said...

"Did I miss something"
Yup, when they don't arrest or police disclosing names the perps are Illegal.
Illegals get special treatment, especially for crime and trespass to protect them from ICE and DHS in sanctuary city.

Why do you thing we are overwhelmed with these people

Anonymous said...

>homeless live rough out in the open

Mayor: No problem!

>homeless strew the area with trash an human waste

Mayor: Who cares? I don't.

>homeless clean up, try to make the place actually decent and livable

Mayor: SHUT IT DOWN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Only thing being shut down is this blog. 5 days and nuttin' new

JQ LLC said...

Last anon re: 5 days

I have not been feeling well lately plus I had to go to work all the while.

New post in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who mentioned wage stagnation-- YES!!!!!

Why don't more people know and understand this? It goes back FORTY YEARS! While everything else goes up in price, wages stagnate and hard-pressed workers tighten their belts.

I'm not talking about these homeless builders, whoever they are, but people hear "homeless" and think "housing crisis!" because you are being trained my the media and the democrats who want to enable big-$ developers. But building glass luxury towers with a smattering of barely-affordable apartments helps only the rich.

Homelessness has little to do with any housing crisis. Those people have multiple problems.

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