Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Katz wins primary. The Queens Machine rolls on


NY Daily News

Tiffany Cabán conceded the Democratic race for Queens district attorney on Tuesday, officially cementing Melinda Katz’s razor-thin victory after six weeks of contentious recounts and court battles.
Addressing supporters at the Katch beer garden in Astoria, Cabán said she would keep fighting for progressive criminal justice reform.

“To every woman, to every young person of color, to every queer person, every single human being who was inspired by the movement we built, you are next," Cabán said after supporters had chanted her first name for nearly a minute. "And I promise that I will be the first there knocking on doors for you.”

Cabán, a Manhattan public defender, added, “This campaign may be over, but the movement does not stop ... We are just getting started.”

Katz, the establishment favorite and Queens borough president, now claims victory by a mere 55 votes — 34,913 to Cabán’s 34,858. The borough president is all but certain to win the general election against long-shot Republican candidate Daniel Kogan on Nov. 5.


Anonymous said...

I am by no means a fan of katz, but the damage to Queens would have been a lot worse if the other idiot got it.

Anonymous said...

So we will have yet another special election to replace Katz as BP?

Anonymous said...

I'd still like to see Judge Greg Lasak on the Republican line go head-to-head against Katz in November. That would be a real contest.

ron s said...

Interesting sequence of events. Caban is ahead by a few thousand votes. Votes are thrown out and machine candidate Katz is ahead by a magical 60 votes. A recount confirms Katz. The vast majority of affadavit likely to favor Caban votes are declared invalid.
I voted for Lasak, but this scenario smells.

Anonymous said...

"I'd still like to see Judge Greg Lasak on the Republican line go head-to-head against Katz in November. That would be a real contest"

No it wouldn't. Against Caban and with the Machine's help, maybe Greg would squeeze it out. Against the Machine and with 12-1 Dem. v. Rep.? No chance.

Breaking news: the Machine gave Wyatt Gibbons a supreme court judgeship.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there will be another special election for Borough President...the question is when

Anonymous said...

Lasak would have stood a chance against Caban but the numbers aren't there for a win against the machine candidate.

Anonymous said...

Did you realize this web site is still up?

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of affidavit likely to favor Caban votes are declared invalid because affidavit votes usually break the same way as the election. What a fix. Furthermore, Katz is so unqualified for the position. She is just looking for a job and got it, at least for now.

Anonymous said...

No they don't. The affidavit votes for Padavan all moved into the district the day of the election and the judge threw them out, too.