Friday, November 1, 2013

Stop-and-frisk is back in business

From the Daily News:

In a shocking blow to critics of racial profiling and a win for Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD, a federal appeals court has halted the stop-and-frisk reforms ordered by a judge who ruled that aspects of the controversial policing policy were unconstitutional.

Mayoral front-runner Bill de Blasio, whose strident opposition to stop-and-frisk helped him win the Democratic nomination, blasted the turn of events.

"I'm extremely disappointed in today's decision," de Blasio said. "We shouldn't have to wait for reforms that both keep our communities safe and obey the Constitution. We have to end the overuse of stop-and-frisk, and any delay means a continued and unnecessary rift between our police and the people they protect."

The bombshell decree handed down Thursday by a three-judge panel delays the reforms, as requested by the city, until the appeals process is complete.

The 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals panel also unexpectedly yanked Manhattan Federal Court Judge Shira Scheindlin off the case, slamming statements she made in court and to the media as impartial and improper.

It was Scheindlin who in August ruled against the city and mandated the stop-and-frisk reforms, including an independent monitor for the NYPD.

The city almost immediately appealed the ruling and later requested a stay.


Anonymous said...

Maybe everybody's been going about this the wrong way.

Let's make stop and frisk open to all.

How about having undercover police officers hanging out near the doors of certain nightclubs with a predominantly 20-something, white clientele around closing time. The more hoidy-toidy and upscale the club, the better.

As the preppy patrons leave, they can stop and frisk them randomly. I think they'll net a fair amount of controlled substances.

I don't think they'll get too many guns but hey, illegal is still illegal and the drug trade certainly does contribute to violent crime if only indirectly.

Random search and seizure for all. Whose idea of paradise is THIS?

Anonymous said...

To the first anonymous.
Stop and frisk is only done for weapons when a cop believes someone has a weapon on them. Drugs can not be searched for during a stop and frisk. If the cop tries to charge the person for drugs off a stop and frisk it will be thrown out.

Anonymous said...

I think technology will be the solution for this. There will be remote detectors for metal with the density of a gun - and that will constitute probable cause for a gun search.

Anonymous said...

"Stop and frisk is only done for weapons when a cop believes someone has a weapon on them. Drugs can not be searched for during a stop and frisk. If the cop tries to charge the person for drugs off a stop and frisk it will be thrown out."

Not from what I have read. Drugs, contraband are also on the table.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we can continue to ROUND UP THE USUAL SUSPECTS!!!

Anonymous said...

With a .5% rate of guns being produced during a "stop and frisk", I would say that this 4th Amendment violation is a astronomical FAILURE.

Stop and Frisk is completely used to get arrests for people using/selling drugs and nothing else. So many people are arrested for drugs EVERYDAY because of stop and frisk is keeps the cops, courts, lawyers, etc etc etc with "clients" getting paid. Job created as a result of the war on drugs are so pervasive and far reaching it would take volumes upon volumes of books to explain.

In a nutshell and in respect to stop and frisk, it is simply a method used to give officers "justification" to stop and search people with the hopes of finding drugs so that EVERYONE can get paid by having a never ending flow of "offenders".

To the unbeknownst taxpayer who's money is spent on the "WAR" on drugs, when an individual is put behind bars and sent to rikers island for some bullshit crime like possession of paraphernalia i.e. a crack pipe or possession of marijuana cocaine ectascy whatever whatever, it costs approximately $150,000 a year to house an inmate on Rikers Island.

Anonymous said...

Random search and seizure for all!

Anonymous said...

Legalize all drugs!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the heading, back in BUSINESS. The prison industrial complex is so vast and profitable it is a huge business.

Anonymous said...

nearly 7000 more nys citizens,(mostly minorities) are alive today,because the rudy/lhota n.y.p.d. STOP/QUESTION/FRISK TACTICS ADOPTED , SINCE 1992.

do not vote for the progressive back to crime candidate with the big hair, for mayor.

companies used the crime wave to give night workers door to door safe car service during the 1990's
it was part of the employment package.