Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome to our world!

From NBC:

With beautiful homes and breathtaking landscapes, the real estate in East Hampton sells itself. But pop into a town hall meeting and you'll find residents saying it's turning into a place they don't want to live.

“Children from four different families are registered to the same address,” said Carol Buda during a town hall meeting on January 5th.

Year-round residents like Buda say several people are illegally living in the town by overcrowding single-family homes. Most of the complaints are about the hamlet of Springs where Buda lives. She has photos of the homes she says are proof of the problem. Snapshots she brings to the town hall meetings. The images show modest homes with so many cars they don't fit in the driveway.

"Parking on the grass, the front yard, the backyard the side yard,” said Buda. “And it affects property values."

Some of the complaints during the town hall meetings are not only about the overcrowded homes but the people living in them as well.


Joe said...

Springs has become MEXICO. The town of East Hampton is gonna need to call the army to clean that mess up and restore order.
The schools already busting at the seams with anchor babys, felony, sex crimes, theft, DWI, prostution, narcartics is up 4 fold.
Perhaps those people in East Hampton and Sag Harbor deserve it for electing Democrats, queers and bleeding heart liberals to office. They got exactly what they deserve and will never be able to get all the cockroaches out just like Queens

Anonymous said...

The NEW Hamptons....VIBRANT! DIVERSE! All these wheelers and dealers who sold out Queens over the last 20 years thought they could distance themselves from the mess they made here by hightailing it out east. Well folks, the mess you made here is steadily following you!

Anonymous said...

I was in The Springs a few weeks ago. It has changed for the worse. Nealy every house is run down, many with For Sale signs . I remember as a kid some 40 years ago how beautiful that area was. Maidstone Beach was Mecca. always crowded. Now only a handful of beach goers visit.
Damn the idiots running East Hampton Town Hall.
They are crooks and liars.

Anonymous said...

Not just springs. Montauk has become a Irish slum of restaurant staff who overstay there VISAs. Nearly every house around Fort Pond and Montauk Harbor is run down with 20-30 year olds living 6 per room, overflowing garbage and cesspools.
The liberal idiots now running East Hampton Town Hall need to be shot along with Dan's Paper and all the other local print rags run by hippies and stoners. Dan is the worst of them, he wants to totally do away with immigration laws !

Anonymous said...

Attention Springs: your community has become their community and you have only have Shelter Island to your east left to go.

In a few years, you will face the problem Queens has had for a decade, and find yourselves assimilated into a slum resembling one of (a) a Mexico City slum, (b) a Shanghai slum, or (c) a Dubai slum.

Joe said...

Same crap on Shelter Island, and Sag harbor almost all the home and restaurant owners are from Manhatten now facing financial problems.
The ferry is ALWAYS packed with illegals and there unregistered, N Carolina, un-unsured junk trucks in the morning.
Many contractors pick them up in the morning and even loan them money to smuggle family members over the border. Many even house them in converted garages!!!
The South Hampton politicians tell the cops to "lay off" and call EVERYBODY who objects to this BS and illegal activity a "racist"
Cops cant even do ID or warrant checks, East Hampton shut the computers to the national database down to protect them

Joe said...

"They are crooks and liars"

Oh yea, tell you a story on how
the Dems and some of those "vibrant and diverse" loving types dropped a dime on former Hamptons Republican Supervisor Linda Cabot who started to crack down on these goings on in Springs and Montauk.
A suprise birthday party was thrown for her and she somehow slipped a "micki" and at some point didnt feel good. Not having made plans or any cab or car available on a Saturday night she drove herself home as somebody called in a DWI with her license plate. She was pulled over, refused the breathalyzer and was arrested (but acquitted of all charges). She was kept in all the Suffolk county papers including the Dolen owned Newsday and Rainbow New's 12 channel till election night.
It was a compleate setup...She lost the election, hardcore lib dems were elected. Now things are full steam to hell from the Shinnicock canal east.
Yep Queens East VIBRANT! DIVERSE! !!

Joe said...

Crappy here is a letter I just got from a friend in Springs Fireplace (East Hampton)

Hi Joe.
Yeah, that article is just telling a tiny part of the story it must have been edited. Its’s getting MUCH worseand MUCH quicker out here. I should have NEVER bought this place, I lost over ½ my property value.
I now have over 4 families of beaners living next door; they have constanly overflowed the cesspool and now dig deep holes in the back yard and cover them with plywood. They then alternate dumping raw sewage into the holes through a PVC pipe running from the the middle of the side of house and discharge washing machine water out the basement windoes. I have called INS, the Town, 911, 311 code enforcement nothing is being done. EH Town Hall, EH town police, EH code enforcement not only do they not return calls they simply refuse to touch these people and the slumlord owners of these houses who are mostly all NYC based contractors or real estate people).
These illegal’s that come here live far worse, primitive and filthy then anything I have seen in Queens

These savages are also butchering animals in the yard. They are throwing feathers, feet, hooves, gut piles and bones into the woods. Now rats, flies and raccoons are everywhere, more then mosquitoes!
It also been +90 for the past month and the stench is something unimaginable. To add: beer cans and old junky cars and pickup trucks leaking oil are parked everyplace. This is going on eveywhere north on Montauk highway this place is finished !