Friday, August 3, 2012

The result of not enough cops?

"On Wednesday 07/25/12 I took my grandson to the Fort Totten playground and before getting there in the Parks Department parking lot next to the playground and near the sidewalk there were beer cans in one of the spots as you can see. I can't say if the Park cleaning staff or rangers did this or some other unrelated people, but close watch should be present since it can get very lonely in that area which makes it suitable for people looking for peace and quiet for a nice stroll or reading under a tree but also for other to practice certain things that they can enjoy in the privacy of their home without disrupting others or the environment. Is ironic that these things happen where the police has a huge amount of personnel stationed.

On another note, the handball area and a small seating place in the park next to the tennis court, basketball court and children playground and in front of the Edward Bleecker's middle school which is next to the elementary school bearing the same name on 149th Street between 26th Avenue and 25th Dr. in North Flushing has become a place for drinking alcoholic beverages and doing drugs at all times of the day specially on summer days. Most of the drugs are consumed behind the handball court wall and the alcohol and some drug in the seating spot in between the handball court and the tennis court.

I don't think this is alien to the police and still nothing is done. The park is a recreation area to exercise and get fit physically and mentally and not a place to consume drugs and alcohol especially in front of two public schools." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

I donno, ask your public safty chair on city council who soon wants to exercise his magic all over queens.

Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of nypd all over ft. totten every day.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is in the slightest observant can see daily evidence that in this area, the niceties of policing have gone out the freakin' window for the exigencies of fundraising through the oppressive and abusive mass issuance of traffic summonses, and woe betide the poor slob pedestrian who gets in the way!Why do cops have tax id #'s? Well,DUHH!They are paying their ways as peons to his Lordship,Doomturd!

Anonymous said...

It's Memorial park, and local kids have been hanging out, drinking, and smoking weed there for decades. It's probably much better now than it used to be.
This is a result of the 21 year old drinking age. Kids are going to drink. They are forced to do it where they can.