Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quinn's identity crisis

From the NY Post:

Quinn has been able to get by up to now because she is hiding under the wings of Mayor Bloomberg. His power and money shelter her, and she has repaid him by acting more as a deputy mayor than the head of the legislative branch. He owes her for that, and for organizing the votes that allowed them both a third term.

It is worth noting that, of the big scandals involving Bloomberg’s contracts on technology and other private vendors, none was uncovered by the City Council. Agency oversight has rarely been strong in the council, but under Quinn, it is an oxymoron.

At heart, Quinn is not a reformer. She is a creature of the clubhouse and advocacy worlds, with taxpayer cash and special-interest logrolling the coins of her realm. As a gay friend of hers said to me recently, “She is an old-fashioned Irish pol who happens to be a lesbian.”

Now, there is nothing disqualifying about being either an Irish pol or a lesbian. But even a combination of the two does not guarantee a ticket to the mayoralty in these complex times.

The challenge to those who enter the arena under the banner of identity politics is to take a broader view as they climb the ladder. When the job comes with real power and ultimate responsibility, it is not enough to just grease the squeaky wheels and call it a day.

Look at this way: If a handler were to advise Quinn to be herself, who would she be?


Anonymous said...

There's no trusting Bloomberg.

He's a milder mannered Caligula
who repays "loyalty" (in this case ass kissing) with treachery.

Speaker Quinn
is now getting what she fully deserves.

Next time Chrissy, before you pucker up, make sure that Mike hands you a signed contract.

Have you considered
retiring to a nunnery?

Anonymous said...

Quinn does not have an identity crisis, she knows exactly what she is. And that is a NYC politician that will do anything and say anything in order to advance her career, values and morals are for the rest of us she'snot troubled by those inconveniences

Anonymous said...

I'd rather she be a shifty Irish Pol than a loose cannon lesbian. Maybe there's hope for her yet.

Anonymous said...

A shifty Irish Pol like Brian Mc Laughlin...huh?

I'd rather be a lesbian with my "loose cannon"
full of chain shot...and take the cupola right off city hall!