Friday, August 10, 2012

Liu admits guilt; fights fines

From the NY Post:

The check is most definitely not in the mail.

Comptroller John Liu says he’ll fight to the bitter end before paying $527,400 in fines for illegally attaching 7,032 campaign posters to city property in 2009.

“These tickets were issued, believe it or not, two years after the election,” Liu said on the Zev Brenner radio show Tuesday night. “I think it’s unfair . . . and we’re going to use every channel, every venue of due process, that I’m entitled to. How many cases have you heard of where tickets were issued two years after the election?”

Liu has been battling the summonses for nearly three years.

He has exhausted all appeals at the administrative level and has until the end of the month to file yet another challenge in state Supreme Court.

But at no point has the comptroller denied that his campaign violated the law. In fact, on the radio show, he admitted plastering the city with the posters in 2009.
“During the campaign I, like pretty much every other campaign in the city, put up a lot of posters to let people know there was an election going on,” he said.


Anonymous said...

liu will get a "WAIVER" from paying. he and the "BIG VOICE " in D.C were both on convicted bundler and embezzler's, NORMAN SHU's donor list in 2006.
Shu is presently doing 26 years in Federal Prison ,in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Liu appears to be
quite a pathological lawbreaker
as well as a repeated liar.

And the Lychee nut doesn't fall
far from the tree either.

Joesph Liu (John's daddy) was convicted on federal bank fraud charges (Great Eastern Bank job).

Johnny boy is related to the notorious criminal developer Tommy Huang (through Tommy's wife Alice Liu Huang).

More recent...two of John Liu's mayoral campaign heavies were indicted.

Liu himself is under investigation.

It seems that the Liu-Huang family produces nothing but bad seeds.

In the end Liu WILL pay the piper...
no wriggling out of it.

He's already lost face and might do some jail time in addition to paying fines.

He, most certainly, will never become mayor of NYC as things stand.

And his political aspirations?
Well, he's just hit his bamboo ceiling there.

Now what sound financial firm would hire him as their finacial actuary?

Certainly not Price Waterhouse Coopers where he formerly was employed.

Maybe "Creative Financial" will take him...LOL!.

Anonymous said...

His (and Tommy Huang's) good friend,
Congressman Ackerman, won't help him out either.

Gary is retiring before those federal investigations into illegal bundling
and money laundering lead to his front door.

Anonymous said...

What an arrogant little toad!

It looks like all the stress is beginning to affect his complexion.

Or is it a return of adolescent acne?

Anonymous said...

What a Liu-Liu of a crook!

Anonymous said...

Hey A**holes!!! Leave John alone. He's a clean, hardworking comptroller who's looking out for "our" money. When I say "our" I mean Bloomturd and friends. As Bloomturd sees it "our" money is his money and Liu makes sure he has what he needs. No questions asked. So why shouldn't all of us forgive this transgression and get on with our lives. If "our" taxes have to go up, then it's just the price we all have to pay. Welcome to the new New York City. Get over it!!!

Anonymous said...

Clearly John Liu is his daddy's son. As has been mentioned his daddy is a convicted bank thief.

It wasn't mentioned that daddy did not plead guilty, but rather pled not guilty, making the city waste money on an open and shut case. Like Johnny boy the dad still would not hand his vulgar head in shame and appealed his conviction. The guilty verdict was unanimously upheld because he was as guilty as sin.

John Liu has been raised to be evil and he is. Those who support him are not interested in what’s good from America, they want something for themselves and either hate America or just don’t give a crap. Either way his zombie fans are evil.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Meng will eventually talk.

Then we'll learn a lot more about John Liu.

Can you just picture
Brian Mc Laughlin and Jimmy Meng...
two former Assemblymen...doing jail time together?