Friday, February 13, 2009

March to save a supermarket

From the Times Ledger:

A group of more than 75 riled−up borough residents marched along Hillside Avenue in Queens Village last weekend to call for a renewed lease between a neighborhood supermarket and its landlord.

The residents, who hailed from Queens Village, Glen Oaks and Bellerose, joined state Sen. Frank Padavan (R−Bellerose), state Assemblyman Mark Weprin (D−Little Neck) and Bob Friedrich, president of the Glen Oaks Village co−op and a City Council contender, outside the neighborhood’s Food Dynasty Saturday and marched around the premises, holding signs and chanting “S.O.S. — Save our supermarket!”

Friedrich said a grocery store has been located at Food Dynasty’s site at 220−46 Hillside Ave. for more than 50 years. He said the market’s lease expires this month and negotiations between its owners and landlord Allan Goldman had recently stalled.

Residents of nearby Bell Park Manor Terrace, many of whom are seniors or mothers with young children, would have difficulty getting to other grocery stores if Food Dynasty is forced to leave the site, he said. The co−op is home to an estimated 800 families, he said.


Anonymous said...

My neighborhood lost our local supermarket 4-5 years ago. For a few years, it really sucked. They lost their lease because CVS offered more for the spot than Key Foods could pay. Fucking CVS! But then, miraculously, we got a Trader Joe's two blocks away. YAY!!!!

faster340 said...

Oh please Trader Joe's isn't a saviour! Their prices are crap. There needs to be more standard/mainstream super markets like Key Food or Stop and Shop. CVS/Duane Reade and Trader Joe's ain't cutting it! Luckily near me they opened a nice Pioneer supermarket. They don't have nearly as much variety as Stop and Shop but it helps quite a bit for day to day shopping. But greedy landlords who can't afford their mortages raise the price of rent and only large corporations can afford them. Small independent supermarkets are priced out.

Anonymous said...

Faster, have we been to the same store?
Trader Joes is SO MUCH CHEAPER than a mainstream store. My wife and I can shop for 2 weeks worth of food from TJ and spend maybe $80 - $90, at stop and shop, it would cost me $120 easily.
Give it another look. Its not a traditional store but they have plenty and the price is always right.

Anonymous said...

Two expensive but necessary steps. Establish a "Fresh Direct" account if they deliver in that area. Often the initial orders include some free grocery items.

Secondly, because of the bad economic conditions some supermarkets are offering free delivery. If shopping in an unfamiliar store, ask about their delivery policies. Sometimes it is as cheap to have it dragged up your three flights of stairs as it is to carry it a mile and then risk a heart-attack yourself.

Anonymous said...

That supermarket on Hillside Avenue, Food Dynasty, is a pig sty. I don't know how anyone could buy anything in that store.
I was hoping it would close and they would bring in something better, like SHOP-RITE. How come there are none in Queens, its a great store. Clean, great variety of products etc.
Trader Joe's is a great store, along with Whole Foods. Are you looking for good food, or you're just eatting garbage?
We have enough markets in Queens Village that are selling half rotten veggies and fruit, give me a break. I'd rather pay top dollar and get something that looks appetizing.