Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another sign of poor Times construction


Gusty winds caused Midtown mischief yesterday by breaking windows at The New York Times building and knocking down a scaffolding pole at the new Bank of America headquarters across from Bryant Park.

The Times' new office at 620 Eighth Ave. took a bit of a beating at around 1 p.m., according to the Department of Buildings. Winds cracked a window on the 22nd floor, and broke windows on the 10th and sixth floors, inspectors found. Ceramic rails on the exteriors of the 40th and 38th floors also were damaged.

This is the second time now... sounds like either poor architectural design, poor workmanship, or cheap materials at the Gray Lady.

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Anonymous said...

In Manhattan their crap reaches higher levels.

This building resembles an old electronic component.....
a selenium rectifier rising up from from the chassis
of a vintage hi-fi audio amplifier....
or part of a classic black & white TV receiver.

Plug in about a dozen or so
old vacuum tubes all around it....
attach a few transformers and condensers....
and you can amuse yourself
by watching some lab mice run loose
amidst the canyons and alleyways.

This part of town is taking on the appearance
of a giant surrealist assemblage......
the architecture of brutality!

This is the new stage set where Man plays out
his minor role!