Saturday, June 5, 2010

Luxury apt full of mold

From the NY Post:

This was no sweet deal.

A couple paying nearly $3,000 a month to live in the posh Chocolate Factory development overlooking the Brooklyn Navy Yard says their so-called luxury apartment is plagued with toxic mold and vermin -- and building management refuses to do anything about it.

Jonathan Mairs, a media consultant for a finance firm, and his acupuncturist wife, Momoko Uno, claim they suffered persistent trouble breathing in their 1,500-square-foot loft with Manhattan skyline views. Their daughter, Jun, 3, has Had rashes and stomach problems, they say.

When they hired their own air-quality expert in April, tests found three different kinds of mold in the walls in the apartment that also became overrun with mice and rats, they claim.

"This is supposed to be a luxury building," Uno said. "This is not luxury."

Mairs, 38, and Uno, 37, said they had no choice but to file a $1 million lawsuit in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Messages left with the building management, Chocolate Factory LLC, were not returned.


Anonymous said...

F'n yuppie newbie gets what he deserves!

$3,000 a month? What a dope!

As P.T. Barnum once said, "A sucker is born every minute"!

Uh...."luxury" is a solid pre-war building not a converted choco-factory bub!

Anonymous said...

Back to kansas.

Anonymous said...

Back to kansas.

FlooshingRezident said...

No one deserves to live with mold. And BTW - $3K/month is not that outrageous. People charge $1,500/mo for basement shitholes in Flushing.

At least these people are in a neighborhood that's on its way up, not one that's in a terrible decline.

Don't blame the tenants, blame the developers and management company.

Frank said...

That's a crappy situation but if they can afford three grand a month in rent they can afford to move and sue the landlord.

Anonymous said...


Babs said...

"luxury apartment" that overlooks the Brooklyn Navy Yard . . .

says it ALL.

Anonymous said...

Two words: "Rent Strike"

Anonymous said...

Debilitating for life from toxic mold?
What ever happened to suing for Impotence, Whiplash and Fibromyalgia. Are they now so over?

Anonymous said...'s the buyer's responsibility too.

Caevet emptor!

This yuppie stooge was so eager to get his little stake of "New York-New York" that he didn't stop to do his homework.

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Now good luck trying to unload your bad investment bub.

Anonymous said...

I've looked at those shitholes. The morons who pay that rent to live in those shitholes deserve what they get.